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Our flexible payment solutions were carefully designed to adapt to the diverse needs of corporates operating in different sectors.

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How do I sign up to use BoltPay?

You need to be registered with an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) to use BoltPay. Please send an email to for more information

How long is your merchant underwriting period?

We typically aim to have an underwriting turn-around duration of 48 working hours. However, we may occasionally take longer depending on the complexity of the underwriting exercise

I did not receive the Merchant Service Agreemwnt, what do I do?

Please contact your ISO to have the Agreement resent to your email and also ensure that the email submitted by your ISO is correct.

Set Up and Integration

How do I get a hold of your API documentation?

To start integrating into any of our products, please visit <a href="" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank"></a> to access all of our APIs.

How long does it take to integrate into your APIs?

It typically depends on the competence and dedication of your technical team. If uninterrupted, it will take an average of thirty (30) minutes to forty-five (45) minutes to integrate.

Settlement Cycle Duration

What is your settlement cycle duration?

You can find more details on our settlement cycle duration in the PayOut section of your BoltPay dashboard.

How do I access more information on the breakdown of my settlement?

Prior to the point of settlement, your settlement report will be uploaded unto your BoltPay dashboard (in the PayOut section). This settlement report provides you with a granular breakdown of payment schedule.

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