BoltSend – instant cross-border funds transfer

A seamless money transfer platform to help you scale your remittance business effectively
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Transfer funds instantly

Product overview
BoltSend allows financial institutions to set-up a custom workflow for international remittance. It is a whitelabel solution designed to enable instant cross-border funds transfer.

BoltSend offers you

Easily transfer funds in any currency to any bank, domestic or cross-border. Execution happens instantly, and all you need is only to initiate a transaction.
See all important KPIs at a glance, be it Daily Transactions, Wallet balances, or Income generated for more efficient decision making.
Determine the set of functions and even the interface appearance yourself through the modular structure of BoltSend according to your business needs.

Automate your remittance business

Fully automated

Just initiate transaction and save time spent on reconciliations

Exotic fee model

Choose your preferred fee selection model e.g Percentage, flat fee or hybrid

Overdraft facility

Easy access to funds through provision of overdraft facility


Execute funds transfer in any desire currency

Real-time monitoring

Transactions are displayed in real time for improved risk management

Fully secured

High standard security and encryption processes

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