Multi-Bank Connector Solution

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Multi-Bank Connector Solution

Do you need to manage your real-time liquidity across multiple banks? Our solution will enable you to connect all you banks to a single platform, therefore allowing you to have complete control and visibility into all your liquidity positions.

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Get your liquidity managed

Reduce liquidity and operational risks

By accessing all your transactional data. Get your fraud likelihood decreased, operational oversight increased, and potential financial losses aversed

Get insights into your current cash flows

By forecasting future cash movement. Be sure you have sufficient cash to fund operations and use excess cash to yield more returns

Monitor your cash movements efficiently

By eliminating the manual process of tracking your transactional information

Gain better control of your cash movements

By planning utilization of your cash flows  value yield of your activities

Consolidate all of your account balances across different banks in one place. Monitor, exchange currencies and initiate domestic and cross-border payments from all of your accounts in a single dashboard.


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